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Hormone Replacement Therapy For Woman

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Woman

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women experience various health problems as they become old. There are different hormones in our body which are specific to women. These are called as female hormones which are responsible mainly for the reproductive functions. The hormone replacement therapy helps to regain the lost hormones in your body. The hormone therapy is mainly taken by ladies for menopause symptoms and hot flashes. HealthGAINS offers the best hormone treatment for a woman with fewer side effects. The website www.prevention.com suggests suitable hormonal replacement therapies for ladies. The article below lists the various benefits and risks involved in the hormone replacement therapy treatment.

Benefits Of The Hormone Treatment
There are various types of hormone therapy treatments offered all over the world. The estrogen therapy given to women is an effective therapy to get rid of the menopause-related problems. It also helps to reduce the discomfort during intercourse. This treatment is also effective in treating night sweats and hot flashes due to menopause.
The estrogen comes in various forms like creams, gels, pills or ring form. Low-dose estrogen products can cure certain symptoms. The doctor may suggest you the best form of estrogen to be taken so that you can get rid of your various health problems.

Risk Involved
Each treatment procedure includes a side effect as well. There are various risks involved in getting treated by hormone replacement therapies. Researchers have found that prolonged hormone therapy can lead to serious health issues. This may include
· Heart Problems
· Breast Cancer
· Blood Clots
· Stroke
The combined estrogen and progestin therapy has made it difficult to detect breast cancer as it makes your breast denser. The risk of the treatment depends on various factors like
· Age
· Family medical history
· Period Of Treatment
· Dosage
The above factors should be considered before undertaking the hormone replacement therapy treatment.

Hormonal Therapy With Reduced Risks
In spite of the various risks mentioned above, hormonal therapy is the effective method to get rid of the menopausal problems and various symptoms. So it is necessary that you undertake the treatment with great caution and prevent risks. Depending on the severity of your health condition you can take up estrogen in the form of pills, creams and gels. Low-dose estrogen does not cause any side effects to your body. So it always better to minimize the medication taken. People under long-term hormone therapy treatment should visit the doctor regularly and examine their body for any risks like heart problems or breast cancer.
People undertaking hormonal therapies should practice a healthy lifestyle. They should increase their physical activity, eat a balanced diet and avoid caffeine, alcohol etc. They should maintain a proper weight and keep track of their various health conditions like blood pressure, cholesterol etc. you can also seek for several alternative treatments like yoga, acupressure etc. to get rid of your health problems.

There are various benefits and risks involved in hormone therapy treatment. So you need to consult your doctor before you undergo hormone replacement therapies. This can help you to minimize the risk involved in the treatment.

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