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Every Traveler’s Guide To A Holiday In Hilton Head Island

Every Traveler’s Guide To A Holiday In Hilton Head Island

Holiday In Hilton Head Island

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Holidays at Hilton Head is truly something to look out for. When you plan your vacation to the island, there are few things to take note of so you enjoy a fun-filled stay at the island. Most of the travelers prefer to drive in their own car as it is convenient to visit all the attractions. You can start from the beach and drive to the golf course.

For the uninitiated, you can drive to the closest airport and hire a car from there. Hilton Head Island is located a few miles away from the Savannah airport. Owing to the limited frequency of flights to the Hilton Head Island airport, you might prefer to use your own vehicle and enjoy the scenic view.

If you are traveling by car, it is recommended that you take the main highway that connects you to the endpoint. Take exit 8 that is located off route number 95, and you are only forty minutes away from the main island. Plan your trip, so it includes the travel time as well. If you want to start off on your vacation early, take a ferry from Georgia and head straight to the beautiful island of Hilton Head.

Travel tip
It takes less time to reach the island by ferry than in a car. However, once you reach the destination, you have to make the necessary arrangements for local transportation. If you have sufficient time, it is best to reach the island by road.

Attractions in the island
Hilton Head vacation is all about the sun, sand and the beach. The low tide is best if you enjoy a relaxing walk along the shore, while a high tide is best suited for adventure sports like surfing. Pack a set of bathing suit and carry plenty of sunscreen lotions if you hate the idea of getting sun-tanned.

Choose from 25 golf courses in the island and a few that are located in the adjacent areas like Bluffton and Fripp Island that is a ferry ride away from the main island. The Harbor Town Golf draws a steady stream of golf players from across the globe. Carry your own set of golf clubs or rent them at the island.

If you are an ardent cyclist, look for the several rental shops that are located on Hilton Head Island. There are bicycling trails, and you can enjoy an evening exploring the nooks and crannies on the bike.

If you enjoy shopping, the island provides you plenty of opportunities to give your wardrobe a makeover. Step into any of the stores or intimate boutiques and take home something for yourself. If you forgot the scarf at home, no worries. You can buy them from any of the outlets. Stop on Calhoun Street in Bluffton and go through the local wares sold by artisans.

If you are an outdoor person who would rather spend the day in a boat, you might as well try fishing. Few of the fishing expedition require a license or a permit. Go on a fishing tour or set the bait and catch fresh fish.

Tour the island
There are guided eco-tours where you can learn about the natural beauty of the island. Watch the sea turtles and listen to interesting facts about the ocean birds. There is an organized tour where you get a chance to learn about Gullah, the natives of the island. Go on a boat tour and make friends with the dolphins that are found near the shore of the island.

Hilton Head Island includes a variety of fun-filled activities that will leave you enthralled. Plan how you would like to travel to the island, so you get sufficient time to enjoy all the activities.

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